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Also I was disappointed when I got my Tom up to level 120 and there was no special bonus like the other multiples of 5 levels  Please make pirate outfits to match the pirate hat. I love this game but it needs more outfits and games maybe like connect 4 or something like that.

My Talking Tom games android FEATURES:
- Nurture your very own Tom: Play games with him, feed him his favorite foods, tuck him into bed.
- Visit your friends & other players' Talking Toms: Check out the apartments and look of other Toms, find treasure chests and get coins!
- Enjoy life-like emotions: Tom can be happy, hungry, sleepy, bored... his emotions change according to how you play with him.
- Play over 10 mini-games: Happy Connect, Bubble Shooter, Planet Hop and more! Earn gold coins and have fun!
- Record & watch videos: Record and share your own My Talking Tom videos and watch other videos too. (Only available on select devices running Android 4.1+, see the list at

Play games with your Tom and watch as he becomes a part of your everyday life. Dress him up any way you like and pick from a wide selection of fur colors and other accessories. Decorate his home and check out how others decorated their My Talking Tom homes.

I still don't have the Franken Tom costume and no discounts on zombie eyes or fur. And, there are no ghosts flying around when I turn out the lights, let alone lightning. Obviously there is an issue.  The only problem I have is with the recent update. I've updated this app twice in the last 2 days.

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