Minecraft: Story Mode android game

Okta's Blog 05.02

This game is great. It is a mix between Minecraft and fable. But nowhere in the description it says that for $4.99, you receive only the first episode. The rest will cost you an additional fee (per episode). Disappointed that this fact was not clear. Well, after playing the entire first chapter, I must say, I really loved it. it's childish and fun and interactive, and I can't help myself. The app comes only with the first chapter, if the other is not yet released and I have 2-5 early to buy all of my credit card section.

Minecraft: Story Mode android game

The story is incredible! This episode (ep1) took much longer than I thought, and every decision affecting the game on. I can't wait until the next episode in about 2 or 1 month, which is so very short considering the episodes (which in this one) was about 3 hours, maybe even longer wait! I honestly enjoyed the decision-making process and point and click game play. The only problem is that QuickTime events was laggy. Otherwise, episode 1 was very pleasant, and I can't wait until the next.

All the times you called a FYR/Pige Ducks instead jump? Giant rather than outliers? As you casually at your TV (monitor, etc.) scream you've never seen, what will happen when these special characters made another choice. Now you do not on these moments and ends there than have to remember with every insightful game.

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